Parkinson’s Disease / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Are Branded and Generic Extended-Release Ropinirole Formulations Equally Efficacious? A Rater-Blinded, Switch-Over, Multicenter Study

Table 1

Results of tests measuring various motor and nonmotor symptoms.

Requip (Visit 2) Ralnea (Visit 4)Significance
Median25th percentile75th percentileMedian25th percentile75th percentile

UPDRS and HYSUPDRS part I2. 0.566
UPDRS part II15.
UPDRS part III27.020.531.
UPDRS part IV8.
UPDRS total score52.040.559.555.042.566.50.776

TremorFTMTRS part A5.
FTMTRS part B10.09.010.512.09.513.00.502
FTMTRS part C10.
FTMTRS total score25.

Patient diaryON time without dyskinesia (hours)9.57.512.
ON time with slight dyskinesia (hours)
“Good” time10.57.513.510.
ON time with severe dyskinesia (hours)
OFF time (hours)
Daytime sleeping hours0.
Nighttime sleeping hours7.

Nonmotor symptomsNMS section I (cardiovascular subscore)
NMS section II (sleep subscore)
NMS section III (mood subscore)11.03.520.012.04.525.00.907
NMS section IV (hallucinations subscore)
NMS section V (memory subscore)
NMS section VI (gastrointestinal subscore)
NMS section VII (urinary system subscore)
NMS section VIII (sexual subscore)
NMS section IX (miscellaneous subscore)
NMS total score85.047.0103.590.059.5115.50.939

Sleep and sleepinessPDSS-2 motor subscore3.
PDSS-2 Parkinsonian symptoms subscore4.
PDSS-2 disturbed sleep subscore6.
PDSS-2 total score12.07.518.510.
ESS Total7.

DepressionBDI total score10.05.515.
MADRS total score10.05.515.011.07.515.50.623

ADL (Schwab-England)
Clinical global impression-severity3.
Clinical global impression-improvement4.

ADL = activities of daily living (Schwab and England Scale). BDI = Beck Depression Inventory; ESS = Epworth Sleepiness Scale; EQ-5D = the EuroQol instrument for detecting health outcome; EQ-VAS = visual analogue scale included in EQ-5D; HYS = Hoehn-Yahr Stage; FTMTRS = Fahn-Tolosa-Marin Tremor Rating Scale; MADRS = Montgomery Asberg Depression Rating Scale; NMSS = Nonmotor Symptom Assessment Scale; PDSS-2 = Parkinson’s Disease Sleep Scale 2nd version; UPDRS = Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale. For calculating significance Kruskal-Wallis test was applied except for HYS and Clinical Global Impression scales where Chi-square test was used (because of being an ordinal variable).