Table 4: Resource utilization related to Parkinson’s disease over 12 months.


Mean number of hospital admissions per person per year0.601.29<0.001
SD 0.81SD 1.29
  Public hospital0.110.620.01
SD 0.32SD 1.19
  Private hospital0.490.670.20
SD 0.74SD 1.12
Mean hospital LOS (days) per person per year4.4320.15<0.001
SD 6.77SD 26.20
  Public hospital LOS0.8610.83<0.001
SD 2.81SD 24.06
  Private hospital LOS3.579.330.02
SD 6.56SD 16.58
Hospital transport (mean number times)
 Ambulance (road + air)0.110.580.01
SD 0.32SD 1.18
 Private car0.430.980.02
SD 0.65SD 1.39
SD 0.37SD 0.19
Medical services (mean number of visits)
 General practice10.1710.250.47
SD 4.62SD 4.35
 Medical specialist Services12.0028.32<0.001
SD 9.66SD 18.56
SD 1.90SD 1.53
SD 5.70SD 16.92
Allied health services (mean number of visits)
SD 12.66SD 12.99
SD 1.86SD 3.09
 Occupational therapy0.340.830.06
SD 0.76SD 1.69
 Speech therapy0.030.560.04
SD 0.17SD 1.70
SD 0.17SD 0.82
SD 0.00SD 1.07
SD 0.17SD 1.81
SD 0.24SD 0.20
SD 1.96SD 2.57
Other medical services (dental) (mean number of visits)
SD 4.15SD 1.40
Home based care and community services (mean number of hours)
 Formal care hours, nurse7.00
SD 30.94
 Formal care hours, PCA31.00
SD 80.60
 Informal care hours96.27750.01
SD 354.53SD 1492.37
 Meals on wheels11.8989.000.05
SD 50.58263.41