Table 5: Mean annual cost per person with PD from individual, health system, and societal perspectives ($AUD).

Cost perspective Mild
Total study population
Individual ($)Health system ($)Societal ($)Individual ($)Health system ($)Societal ($)Individual ($)Health system ($)Societal ($)

Hospitalisations 006,1606,1600030,06130,0610020,44620,446
SD 00SD 9,292SD 9,292SD 00SD 40,732SD 40,732SD 00SD 34,014SD 34,014
 Public hospital001,3951,3950017,61717,6170011,09111,091
SD 00SD 4,571SD 4,571SD 00SD 39,153SD 39,153SD 00SD 31,326SD 31,326
 Private hospital004,7654,7650012,44412,444009,3559,355
SD 00SD 8,751SD 8,751SD 00SD 22,117SD 22,117SD 00SD 18,294SD 18,294
Hospital transport 231932152643646125338362
SD 61SD 643SD 643SD 41SD 870SD 881SD 50SD 791SD 799
 Ambulance (road + air)001931930043643600338338
SD 00SD 943SD 943SD 00SD 870SD 870SD 00SD 791SD 791
 Private car8008190019150015
SD 13SD 00SD 13SD 28SD 00SD 28SD 23SD 00SD 23
SD 62SD 00SD 62SD 32SD 00SD 32SD 46SD 00SD 46
Medical services 1,1793,2174,3941,4644,1945,6641,3493,7935,141
SD 1,113SD 1,533SD 2,491SD 2,309SD 4,271SD 6,470SD 1,916SD 3,460SD 5,258
 General practitioner404304694137141141395434
SD 63SD 288SD 293SD 64SD 397SD 419SD 63SD 357SD 372
 Medical specialist9291,7772,7061,2293,0434,2721,1082,5342,883
SD 1,020SD 1,565SD 2,429SD 2,281SD 4,088SD 6,251SD 1,876SD 3,357SD 3,593
SD 132SD 334SD 413SD 186SD 271SD 435SD 166SD 312SD 437
SD 80SD 251SD 315SD 90SD 204SD 262SD 86SD 224SD 284
Pharmaceuticals 4903,1443,6445965,0115,6015544,2604,814
SD 195SD 2,311SD 2,240SD 26SD 2,453SD 2,573SD 241SD 2,555SD 2,616
Total allied health 54456564802171971698125807
SD 824SD 86SD 833SD 938SD 245SD 1,045SD 898SD 190SD 981
Dental services 600.0060130.0013320.0032
SD 22200SD 222SD 7500SD 75SD 15300SD 153
Home based care and community services2,405952,50019,3751,53220,90812,54895413,502
SD 8,863SD 405SD 8,846SD 37,309SD 3,024SD 37,024SD 30,440SD 2,448SD 30,434
 Formal care, nurse0000000077577500463463
SD 00SD 00SD 00SD 00SD 2,015SD 2,015SD 00SD 1,598SD 1,598
 Formal care, PCA0000000020320300121121
SD 00SD 00SD 00SD 00SD 887SD 887SD 00SD 698SD 698
 Informal care2,405002,40519,3750019,37512,5480012,548
SD 8,863SD 00SD 8,863SD 37,309SD 00SD 37,309SD 30,440SD 00SD 30,440
 Meals on wheels0095950055555500370370
SD 00SD 405SD 405SD 00SD 1,509SD 1,509SD 00SD 1,211SD 1,211
Mean total cost4,70112,86517,53722,27741,39663,65915,13729,91645,104
SD 9,429SD 10,917SD 17,397SD 37,221SD 42,862SD 50,629SD 30,546SD 36,532SD 46,446
Mean total cost without informal care2,29612,86515,1322,90241,39644,2842,58929,91632,556
SD 1,475SD 10,917SD 10,909SD 2,530SD 42,862SD 42,794SD 2,184SD 36,532SD 36,603