Table 1: Participant characteristics.


Age (years)24.3 ±2.718–30
Height (cm)162.5 ±0.11.53–1.67
Body mass (kg)58.4 ±9.047–71
Waist circumference (cm)72.2 ±7.065.2–85.5
Hip circumference (cm)94.6 ±9.775–104
BMI22.5 ±2.820–27
% body fat24.6 ±3.528.7–41.3
% LBM75.4 ±5.558.7–71.3
LBM (kg)43.9 ±4.231.2–41.9
60% VO2max (mL·kg−1·min−1)15.5 ±1.8614.46–18.24
Predicted 60% VO2max (mL·kg−1·min−1)19.67 ±1.9415.81–22.57
Moderate Activity·wk−1 (METS)1320.5±652.7657–2376
HRmax (beats/min)196.4 ±4.39191–202

BMI: body mass index; LBM: lean body mass, : maximum power; METS: metabolic equivalent, HRmax: maximal heart rate. Waist circumference was measured midway between the lower rib margin and the iliac crest at the end of expiration [18]. Hip circumference was measured at the widest point between the iliac crest and buttock [18].
Note: predicted 60% VO2max is the mean value that was aimed for while the 60% VO2max was the mean value that was achieved among the study subjects.