Table 2: Outcomes of oligometastases and oligo-recurrence in the liver.

YearStudy designTreatment methodLocal control (%)Overall survival (%)

Choti et al. [39]2002retrospectivesurgery40 (5 years)
Pawlik et al. [40]2005retrospectivesurgery58 (5 years)
Adam et al. [41]2009retrospectivechemotherapy surgery33 (5 years)
Bismuth et al. [42]1996retrospectivechemotherapy surgery40 (5 years)
van der Pool et al. [43]2010retrospectiveSBRT74 (2 years)83 (5 years)
Romero et al. [44]2006prospectiveSBRT86 (2 years)62 (5 years)
Rusthoven et al. [45]2009prospectiveSBRT92 (2 years)30 (5 years)

Abbreviations: SBRT: stereotactic body radiation therapy.