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Knowledge Level of the Primary Healthcare Providers on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Table 2

Rate of correctly answering the questions in the sections based on sex, age, mean age, year, occupational group, and practice setting.

Definition, risk factors, physiopathology, and epidemiology of COPD Diagnosis and management of COPD Basic concepts in pulmonary function test (PFT) for COPDPatient training and pharmacological treatment in stable COPD Nonpharmacological treatment in COPDApproach to diagnosis and management in exacerbations of COPD
Section Section Section Section Section Section

 Male 1575,0375,0777,8133,3583,31100,0
 Female 525,0125,0222,2266,7116,700,0
Mean age
 Above mean age (>45,6)1672,7466,7333,3125,0571,400,0
 Below mean age (<45,6)627,3233,3666,7375,0228,61100,0
Mean number of working years
 Above mean number of working years (>21,4)1777,3466,7225,0133,3457,100,0
 Below mean number of working years (<21,4)522,7233,3675,0266,7342,91100,0
Occupational group
 Physician 520,8116,7111,1125,000,000,0
 Nonphysician healthcare provider 1979,2583,3888,9375,07100,01100,0
Practice setting
 HCS 417,400,000,0125,000,000,0