Figure 2: Diagnostic algorithm. 34 had nondiagnostic bronchoscopy and underwent repeated procedures with transthoracic CT-guided biopsy or surgical biopsy to obtain diagnosis. 11 out of 226 patients had nondiagnostic bronchoscopy results and were followed up with clinicoradiological surveillance. Stable after 24 months of clinicoradiological surveillance. Malignant disease: 22/25 were NSCLC of which 15 were adenocarcinoma, 1 was squamous cell carcinoma, and 6 were undifferentiated NSCLC. The other 3 were B cell lymphoma and metastatic breast carcinoma and the last patient was deceased but had a scan after TBLB with radiological evidence of metastatic cancer of unknown primary. Infection: out of 8 cases, 5 were Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, 1 nontuberculous Mycobacterium, and 2 fungal infections.