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Anticancer Role of PPARγ Agonists in Hematological Malignancies Found in the Vasculature, Marrow, and Eyes

Figure 5

PPAR γ is broadly expressed in the eye providing a pharmacological target for treating ocular angiogenesis. PPARγ expression is found in the retina including RPE cells, REC, pericytes [287], and ganglion cells. In the cornea, PPARγ is most prominently localized in the epithelial and endothelial layers. Excessive angiogenesis is a pathological hallmark of a number of eye diseases, and anti-VEGF/VEGFR strategies are used therapeutically to treat ocular neovascularization. Manifestations of hematological malignancies in the eye have been documented for leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. The potential benefits of PPARγ agonist therapy to inhibit tumor-associated angiogenesis could also be applied to treatment of neovascular eye diseases.