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Research Article

A Comparative Study of Mouse Hepatic and Intestinal Gene Expression Profiles under PPARα Knockout by Gene Set Enrichment Analysis

Table 2

Summary of 8 comparison studies.

StudyComparison nameIdentified pathways

1Intestine-CT (KO/WT)PPARα-dependent pathway in intestine
3Liver-CT (KO/WT)PPARα-dependent pathway in liver
2Intestine-WY (KO/WT)WY14643 PPARα-dependent pathways in intestine
4Liver-WY (KO/WT)WY14643 PPARα-dependent pathways in liver
5Intestine-WT (CT/WY)WY14643-dependent pathways in intestine
7Liver-WT (CT/WY)WY14643-dependent pathways in liver
6Intestine-KO (CT/WY)PPARα-independent pathways in intestine
8Liver-KO (CT/WY)PPARα-independent pathways in liver

There were 8 comparison studies related to PPARα in mice intestine or in liver included in our research. Each of the 8 comparisons identified dependent or independent pathways for PPARα or WY14643.
CT: mice were treated with normal food (control).
WY: mice were treated with the synthetic PPARα ligand WY14643 (0.1% w/w) mixed in the food.
KO: PPARα-null (129S4/SvJae) mice.
WT: wild type (129S1/SvImJ) mice.