Figure 2: Ligand-mediated regulation of PPAR transactivity altered Egr-1/MCP-1 mRNA levels. Downregulation of PPARα or γ by pretreatment of RASMCs with 10 μM MK886 or 1 μM GW9662 followed by exposure to 10–50 μM LA or OxLA for 1–12 hrs resulted in time-dependent induction of Egr-1 and MCP-1 mRNA levels as analyzed using qRT-PCR. Control-(CTRL-) vehicle only. mRNA levels were expressed as fold change ± SEM (Standard error of ΔCT mean). (a) Egr-1 mRNA levels at 1, 4 and 12 hrs; (b) MCP-1 mRNA levels at 1 hr, 4 and 12 hrs. One way ANOVA was used for comparison between two treatments. Significance was confirmed using Fisher LSD test. *compared to CTRL, #compared to 10 μM concentration.