Table 6: Impact of variant 12333125A>G on disease activity.

GenotypeN (a)N (%) of SNP carriersOR (C.I.) OR (C.I.) (b)

FistulaHet plus hom8315 (18.1)1.24 (0.64–2.39)0.521.25 (0.65–2.4)0.51
No FistulaHet plus hom20043 (21.5)
Fistulahom680 (0.0)NA1(c)NA1
No Fistulahom1592 (1.3)

EIMHet plus hom12223 (18.9)1.23 (0.68–2.21)0.51.22 (0.67–2.21)0.51
No EIMHet plus hom15835 (22.2)
EIMhom1001 (1.0)0.81 (0.05–13.03)1(c)0.87 (0.22–3.54)0.85
No EIMhom1241 (0.8)

Nonactive UCHet plus hom11826 (22.0)0.79 (0.25–2.53)0.790.89 (0.27–2.96)0.85
active UC(d)Het plus hom224 (18.2)
NonActive UChom931 (1.1)NA1(c)NA1
active UChom180 (0.0)

Quiescent CDHet plus hom9417 (18.1)1.51 (0.58–3.93)0.41. 47 (0.56–3.88)0.44
Acute CD(d)Het plus hom328 (25.0)
Quiescent CDhom781 (1.3)NA1(c)NA1
Acute CDhom240 (0.0)

N: absolute number; OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval; het: heterozygous; hom: homozygous; NA: not applicable; EIMs: extraintestinal manifestations (a)absolute number of subjects included into the respective analysis; (b)OR and value adjusted for age and sex; (c) value calculated with Fisher’s exact test (otherwise Chi- Square test was used); (d) a threshold of CDAI = 150, and an mtwsi of 10 points was evaluated as the beginning of active disease.