Research Article

The Nitrated Fatty Acid 10-Nitro-oleate Diminishes Severity of LPS-Induced Acute Lung Injury in Mice

Figure 3

Pulmonary delivery of OA-NO2 reduces LPS-induced lung injury. Induction of ALI by i.t. injection of LPS (50 μg) was followed 30 min later by i.t. administration (50 μL) of OA-NO2 (50 μg) or vehicle (10% DMSO). After a further 5.5 h, BAL fluid and lung samples were obtained. (a) Protein concentration in BAL fluid. (b) Ratio of lung wet:dry weight. (c) Extravasation of Evans Blue dye into the lung following intravenous injection was photographed and quantitated by spectrophotometry. (d) The lung was examined histologically following H&E staining. Data are representative of one of two independent experiments with –8 mice per group; *** .