Table 2: Main experimental data linking PPARγ to NRF2, Wnt/β-catenin, and FOXO pathways.

InteractionGeneTargetEffectTissue or cell typeType of evidenceReferences

NRF2-PPARγNRF2PPARγ↑ expressionLiver, lungIn vitro
In vivo
PPARγNRF2↑ expressionLung, hepatocytes, macrophages, vascular tissueIn vitro
In vivo
[73, 77, 80, 82]
Wnt/β-catenin-PPARγWnt/β-cateninPPARγexpressionPre-adipocytes, adipocytes, skeleton, hepatic stellate cells, neurons, cancer cellsIn vitro
In vivo
[6, 90, 117121]
PPARγWnt/β-catenintranscriptional activity
↑ proteasomal degradation
↑ cytoplasmic localization
Colon, small intestine, colon cancer cells, hepatocytes, myeloid and lymphoid leukemic cellsIn vitro
In vivo
AdipocytesIn vitro
In vivo
PPARγFOXO activityAdipocytesIn vitro[129]

↑ = increasing; = decreasing.