Figure 2: Troglitazone induces phosphorylation of ERK 1/2 MAPK in human prostate cancer cells. (a) PC-3 cells plated in serum free DMEM/F-12 media were treated with DMSO vehicle (−) or troglitazone 40 μM (+) for different times (0–2 hours). The level of phosphorylated Erk 1/2, total ERK 1/2, and actin in treated cells was then measured by western blot. The data from each blot was quantified using the UN-SCAN-IT program and expressed related to the signal present in control cells for each time point. (b) PC-3 cells were treated for two hours with either DMSO vehicle or varying concentrations of troglitazone (1–40 μM). Western blotting was used to measure the level of phosphorylated and total ERK 1/2 as well as actin protein in treated cells.