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Inhibitors of Fatty Acid Synthesis Induce PPARα-Regulated Fatty Acid β-Oxidative Genes: Synergistic Roles of L-FABP and Glucose

Figure 7

Effect of TOFyl-CoA and C75-CoA on NBD stearic binding to SCP-2. SCP-2 (25 nM in 10 mM phosphate buffer) was incubated with NBD-stearic acid (40 nM) for 12 min at 24°C to obtain maximal fluorescence. The solution was titrated with increasing amount of ligand (TOFyl-CoA or C75-CoA). TOFyl-CoA displaced SCP2-bound NBD stearate (panel a, with representative spectra in panel b). Panel (b), from top to bottom: shot dash line: NBDS+SCP2; dash-double dot-dash line: NBDS+SCP2+TOFyl-CoA (10 nM); long dashed line: NBDS+SCP2+TOFyl-CoA (100 nM); solid line: NBDS; dotted line: NBDS+TOFyl-CoA (100 nM). C75-CoA did not displace SCP2-bound NBD-stearate (panel c). Panel (a), mean ± SEM, .