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PPAR-γ Regulates Trophoblast Differentiation in the BeWo Cell Model

Figure 3

Activity of PPAR-γ within the 1kb region of human GCM-1 promoter is relatively high. (a) GCM-1 expression levels overtime in response to rosiglitazone, T0070907, their combination, and forskolin treatment. PPAR-γ activity within the GCM-1 promoter [PPAR-γ response element 1 (b) and 2 (c)] measured by the luciferase reporter assay at 24 hours of treatment. Treatments are compared to their respective vehicle (set as 1, red dashed line). Values are represented as mean ± SEM; # versus vehicle control; ** ; *** ( ). Ro/rosi, rosiglitazone; T/T007, T0070907.