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PPAR Gamma in Neuroblastoma: The Translational Perspectives of Hypoglycemic Drugs

Table 1

Preclinical and experimental studies on PPAR agonists in neuroblastoma.

Drug/s Reference/sYearTargetStudy typesCell lines/animal model Effects

15-deoxy-PGJ2[1116]2001, 2003, 2004 PPAR-γIn vitroNB cell lines and primary cultures of cortical neuronsInhibition of growth and apoptosis induction, through PPAR-γ-dependent and PPAR-γ-independent effects.

GW1929[11]2001PPAR-γIn vitroLA-N-5Prodifferentiating effect and inhibition of proliferation.

Rosiglitazone and 15-deoxy-PGJ2[12]2004PPAR-γIn vitroSH-SY5Y, SH-EP1, SK-N-AS, SK-N-FI, LA-N-5, SMS-KCNR, SK-N-DZ, and LA-N-1Inhibition of cell growth with different sensitivity related to the cell phenotype.

Ciglitazone and 15-deoxy-PGJ2 [13]2004PPAR-γIn vitroSK-N-AS, IMR-32, SK-N-SH, and ND-7Overexpression of Rb protein and inhibition of PPAR-γ activity, reducing NB cell growth.

Ciglitazone, pioglitazone, troglitazone, and rosiglitazone[17]2005PPAR-γIn vitroKelly, LA-N-1, LA-N-5, LS, IMR-32, SK-N-SH, and SH-SY5YInhibition of cell proliferation and viability in a dose-dependent manner.

Rosiglitazone[18]2010PPAR-γIn vivoSK-N-SH xenograft NB mouse modelInhibition of tumor growth.

Troglitazone[19]2002PPAR-γIn vitroNB-1 cell lineIncrease of PPAR-γ-dependent apoptosis.

Troglitazone[20]2006PPAR-γIn vitroSHEP NB cell lineIncrease of PPAR-γ-dependent apoptosis.

Rosiglitazone[21, 22]2006, 2007PPAR-γIn vitroSH-SY5Y cell lineAntiapoptotic effects of rosiglitazone which protected NB cells subjected to MPP+-induced mitochondrial injury reducing ROS production.

Rosiglitazone[23]2006PPAR-γIn vitroSK-N-AS and SH-SY5Y cell lines Inhibition of cell adhesion, invasiveness, and proapoptotic effects.

Rosiglitazone[24]2010PPAR-γIn vivoSK-N-AS xenograft NB mouse modelSignificant decrease of tumor growth (−70%) as compared to control mice.

Rosiglitazone[25]2008PPAR-γIn vitroRat primary cortical neuronsInduction of cell differentiation, increasing dendritic spine density.

Pioglitazone and rosiglitazone[26]2011PPAR-γBoth in vitro and in vivoAdult male Wistar ratsInduction of proliferation, differentiation, and migration of neural stem cells in vitro and in vivo.

Pioglitazone[27]2009PPAR-γIn vitroSH-SY5Y cell lineInduction of differentiation and neurite outgrowth, promoting differentiation and outgrowth of cell processes.

Rosiglitazone[28]2014PPAR-γIn vitroMouse NB Neuro 2a (N2A) cell lineStimulation of neurite outgrowth and significant increase of the population of neurite-bearing cells, via PPAR-γ pathway.

Oleic acid or GW0742[29]2007PPAR-β/δIn vitroSH-NH-5YSY cell lineInduction of G1 cell cycle arrest, reduction of cell migration and invasiveness, and an increase of neuronal differentiation.

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