Figure 7: Plasma concentration of blood inflammatory markers and liver stress, including the positive acute phase protein haptoglobin, the markers of negative acute phase albumin, total cholesterol, and retinol, the neutrophils killing capacity marker myeloperoxidase, and the marker of liver stress/disease gamma-glutamyl transferase (γGT) from −7 to 12 d of Strep. uberis (M) or saline intramammary infusion (IMI) in goats receiving daily intrajugular injection of 2,4-thiazolidinedione (TZD) or saline (CTR). Significant () effects and interactions are indicated in the graph (mastitis: M, time: T, and TZD: Z). The value for tendency is reported. Significant effect of M × T is denoted with red asterisk and effect of Z × T is denoted with purple asterisk.