Figure 3: Effect of Portulaca extracts on NF-κB and PPAR-γ expression in colonic tissue. Panel (a) represents the immunohistochemistry staining of PPAR-γ. (NC refers to negative control; DSS refers to DSS alone group; M refers to mesalamine group; P refers to Portulaca group, original magnification: ×200). Panel (b) shows the expression of PPAR-γ, NF-κB, and pNF-κB in colorectum tissues from western blot. Panel (c) shows the histograms of grey intensity for PPAR-γ and NF-κB relative to β-actin. Panel (d) shows the relative mRNA expression of PPAR-γ and NF-κB from quantitative real-time PCR. (Data are presented as mean ± SD from six experiments. indicates comparison between DSS and NC; # indicates comparison between mesalamine and DSS; + indicates the comparison between Portulaca and DSS. The number of symbols indicates significance of difference; for example, four symbols indicate ; three symbols indicate ; two symbols indicate ; and one symbol indicates .)