Figure 2: Plasma TNFα (panel (a)) and IL-6 (panel (b)) concentrations in the HF (upper graphs) and non-HF (lower graphs) groups in relation to the presence of specific alleles of PPAR Pro12Ala. The ProPro subgroup contains homozygotes with dominating isoform, while the Ala subgroup includes carriers of the mutated Ala allele: AlaAla homozygotes and ProAla heterozygotes. There were no differences in the cytokine profiles between the C-allele (Ala) and G-allele (Pro) subgroups in either the HF or the non-HF group. Baseline IL-6 levels were higher than follow-up measurements in all subgroups (# p<0.05 vs. remaining values in the same group and genotype). Bars represent mean, and whiskers represent SEM.