Table 1: Demographic data and gross pathological features of the sporadic (sCJD) and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) cases studied.

CaseSexAge at onsetDurationBrain weightGross atrophy
(years) (years) (gm)

 A F710.251222Bilateral, diffuse
 B F592.4986Severe Fr, T, C
 C F710.161275Mild Fr
 D F710.251169Mild
 E M780.251562Moderate
 F M500.251292None
 G M670.161425Moderate
 H F690.161365Mild
 I M60NA1621None
 J M6111270Mild
 K F780.401061Mild, diffuse

 A F392 586 L None
 B F2811375 None
 C F281 NA NA
 D M191 NA NA
 E M301 699 R None
 F M4821470 None
 G F341 810 L None
 H M1811434 None
 I M241 NA NA
 J F2121394 None
 K M351 718 R None

Abbreviations: M: Male, F: Female, Fr: Frontal cortex, T: temporal cortex, C: cerebellum, R: Right hemisphere, L: Left hemisphere, NA = data not available.