BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Few studies have examined the relationship between disability and borderline personality symptomatology, and, among those that have, findings have been inconsistent. In the present study, the relationship between medical disability and borderline personality symptomatology was examined in a sample of chronic pain patients.METHODS: In a consecutive insured sample of male and female chronic pain patients (n=117), who were being initially evaluated by an outpatient pain specialist, the criterion of having “ever been on medical disability” and features of borderline personality disorder were examined using the borderline personality scale of the Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire-4.RESULTS: While 35% of participants acknowledged having ever been on medical disability, there was no statistically significant difference between those with a history versus those without a history of medical disability with regard to the prevalence of borderline personality symptomatology.CONCLUSIONS: Findings suggest that among chronic pain patients, there may be no meaningful relationship between having ever been on medical disability and borderline personality symptomatology.