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Research Article

Prevalence of Painful Temporomandibular Disorders and Correlation to Lifestyle Factors among Adolescents in Norway

Table 1

The frequency of different variables in the case group (TMD-P) versus control group.

VariableCase group, %Control group, % value (χ2)

General health factors
 Facial trauma02.30.239
 Whiplash injury2.40.80.477
 Frequent headache43.919.3<0.00
 Severe menstrual pain ()41.517.0
 General joint hypermobility2.01.00.597
 General joint disease2.81.50.173
 Ear infections5.14.80.890
 Throat infections5.13.10.673
 Previous orthodontic treatment29.026.00.623
Lifestyle and social factors
 >3 h in front of computer per day30.726.90.606
 Divorced or single parents51.330.1
 Regular exercise5673.5

significant based on the Pearson chi-square test.