Table 3: Risk factors for delirium in oncological critical ill patients, univariate and multivariate analysis.

ORCI 95%ORCI 95%

Time with mechanical ventilation (days)1.060.99–1.130.0701.060.99–1.130.070
Time in the ICU (days)1.071.01–1.140.020
Hematologic neoplasm2.080.82–5.250.040
Age (years)1.030.99–1.050.050
Hypovolemic shock0.230.05–1.050.060
Use mixed sedation5.590.88–35.560.070
Acute kidney injury at admission to the ICU2.260.89–5.680.080
Acute respiratory failure2.750.79–9.580.110
Postcardiac arrest care3.680.69–19.520.130
Use of mechanical ventilation1.760.63–4.880.270
MEXSOFA score at admission to the ICU1.050.93–1.180.410
SOFA score at admission to the ICU1.040.93–1.180.440
Use of sedative in the ICU1.440.56–3.720.440
Postsurgical care0.540.06–4.720.580
Septic shock1.210.49–2.990.670
Analgesics with opioids0.910.23–3.530.880
Use of benzodiazepines0.960.38–2.430.930

ICU: intensive care unit; SOFA: Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score; MEXSOFA: Mexican Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score; CI: confidence interval; Hosmer–Lemeshow χ2  = 9.24, ; auROC: 0.69 (CI 95% 0.57–0.82), .