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Which Seems to Be Worst? Pain Severity and Quality of Life between Patients with Lateral Hip Pain and Low Back Pain

Table 4

Description of the prognostic risk score Categories between GTPS and CLBP groups.

Prognostic risk scoreGTPS group (n = 51)CLBP group (n = 51) value (chi-square test)

Low risk7 (13.7%)2 (3.9%)0.233
Intermediate risk21 (41.2%)18 (35.3%)
Possible chronic pain (50% risk)15 (29.4%)19 (37.3%)
Probable chronic pain (80% risk)8 (15.7%)12 (23.5%)

GCPS, Graded Chronic Pain Scale; GTPS, greater trochanteric pain syndrome; CBLP, chronic low back pain.