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Personality and Personality Disorders in Medication-Overuse Headache: A Controlled Study by SWAP-200

Table 1

Differences among patient groups on the three clusters of SWAP-200 PD scales while controlling for gender and age.

SWAP-200MOH group ()SUD group ()PD group ()F(2, 273)η2

Cluster A43.98a0.7749.86b0.7546.30c0.6111.060.08
Cluster B41.76a0.8354.89b0.8048.42c0.6647.580.26
Cluster C49.610.8147.700.7948.320.651.140.01

Note. MOH group = medication-overuse headache group; SUD group = substance use disorder group; PD group = personality disorder group; SWAP-200 = Shedler-Westen Assessment Procedure-200; η2 = measure of effect size in analysis of covariance. Alphabetical superscripts indicate significant differences in post hoc analyses. Means with different alphabetic superscripts (a, b, and c) were statistically significant, while means with identical alphabetic superscripts were found not to be significantly different; .