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Research Article

A Prospective Six-Month Study of Chronic Pain Sufferers: A Novel OTC Neuromodulation Therapy

Table 5

Transition matrix for VAS score.

VAS score after initial PSWT treatment (7 days)VAS score at end of study (6 months)
0–3 (mild pain) (%)4–6 (moderate pain) (%)7–10 (severe pain) (%)

0–3 (mild pain)72280
4–6 (moderate pain)315217
7–10 (severe pain)36559

A majority of subjects who are experiencing only mild pain after the initial 7-day PSWT treatment continue to maintain relief over 6 months. The same is true for individuals with mild pain although there is more of a tendency to see a reduction in pain versus an increase. The majority of subjects still in severe pain after 7 days of PSWT treatment reduced their pain over 6 months.