Table 1: Inclusion and exclusion criteria of the study.

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria

Detection of compression fracture in spinal radiography (minimum 15% loss of height)Severe cardiopulmonary comorbidity
Spinal fracture at or below Th5Systemic or local spinal infection
Back pain despite 6-week conservative treatmentSuspicion of underlying malignancy
≥5 visual analogue score (VAS)Radicular syndrome, spinal cord compression syndrome
Bone edema in MRI of vertebral fracturePatients exempt from MRI
Focal sensitivity at fracture level during physical examinationSenile dementia (check clinical results) or other cerebral diseases, untreated therapeutic anticoagulation
≤−2.5 bone mineral densityBone metabolism disease
No intradiscal cement leakageAllergy against radio-opaque agents
History of vertebral fracture
Presence of osteonecrosis in other vertebral bodies