Table 2: Polychoric interitem correlations .


1. I have a clear picture of how pain rehabilitation will help me resume my daily activities1.00.410.22−0.170.11−0.24−0.19−0.100.02−0.020.01
2. I have a clear picture of what I want to achieve by attending pain rehabilitation0.411.00.26−0.260.28−0.23−0.09−0.020.09−0.12−0.16
3. Attending pain rehabilitation may help me to do more activities0.220.261.0−0.130.41−0.29−0.12−0.12−0.03–0.20−0.15
4. Some aspects of pain rehabilitation are unnecessary for me−0.17−0.26−0.131.0−0.150.330.
5. I hope that attending pain rehabilitation may help me to return to work quickly0.110.280.41−0.151.0−0.20−0.14−0.130.04−0.06−0.09
6. Some aspects of pain rehabilitation may be harmful to me−0.24−0.23−0.290.33−
7. I am worried that I may not be able to keep up with the exercise part−0.19−0.09−0.120.20−0.140.301.00.590.340.290.31
8. I may not be physically fit enough to attend pain rehabilitation−0.10−0.02−0.120.17−
9. On the days between the rehabilitation sessions, I am probably very tired from exercising−0.02−0.09−
10. The cost of transport may prevent me from attending pain rehabilitation−0.02−0.12−0.200.10−
11. Availability of transport will influence my decision to attend pain rehabilitation0.01−0.16−0.150.17−