Table 1: Key questions from a self-administered, self-reported history questionnaire for the diagnosis of lumbar spinal stenosis.

Q1:Numbness and/or pain is present in the thighs down to the calves and shins
Q2:Numbness and/or pain increases in intensity after walking for a while, but relieved by taking a rest
Q3:Standing for a while brings on numbness and/or pain in the thighs down to the calves and shins
Q4:Numbness and/or pain is reduced by bending forward
Q5:Numbness is present in both legs
Q6:Numbness is present in the soles of both feet
Q7:Numbness arises around the buttocks
Q8:Numbness is present, but pain is absent
Q9:A burning sensation arises around the buttocks
Q10:Walking nearly causes urination

Each question is assigned one point. Lumbar spinal canal stenosis is diagnosed if (1) the score was 4 points from Q1 to Q4 or (2) the score was more than 1 point from Q1 to Q4 and more than 2 points from Q5 to Q10.