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Feasibility of Collecting Vulvar Pain Variability and Its Correlates Using Prospective Collection with Smartphones

Table 3

Feasibility of smartphone collection for prospective studies of vulvar pain among 23 women who completed one month of weekly tracking of vulvar pain and correlates, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, 2013.

Survey questions (%)

Experience with tracking health-related issues prior to the study
Did you record any of the following prior to the study?
 I did not record any of these items prior to the study11 (48)
 Pain3 (13)
 Communication with doctor2 (9)
 Pain management and/or treatment (medication)1 (4)
 Sexual intercourse2 (9)
 Mood4 (17)
 Pain anywhere else in your body2 (9)
 Diet4 (17)
 Exercise7 (30)
Safety of vulvar pain tracking
Did recording your vulvar pain make it…?
 A lot worse0 (0)
 Worse1 (4)
 No change20 (87)
 Better2 (9)
 A lot better0 (0)
How concerned are you that tracking your vulvar pain will make your pain worse?
 Very concerned0 (0)
 Concerned1 (4)
 Somewhat concerned5 (22)
 Neither concerned nor unconcerned5 (22)
 Somewhat unconcerned2 (9)
 Unconcerned3 (13)
 Very unconcerned7 (30)
Feasibility of tracking with smartphone
How would you rate the ease of answering the questions on your smartphone?
 Very difficult0 (0)
 Difficult0 (0)
 Easy0 (0)
 Very easy23 (100)
How easy was it for you to perform the tasks of the study?
 Very difficult0 (0)
 Difficult0 (0)
 Neutral0 (0)
 Easy1 (4)
 Very easy22 (96)
How much did you like the prompts reminding you to take your survey?
 Disliked extremely0 (0)
 Disliked very much0 (0)
 Neither liked nor disliked2 (9)
 Liked very much7 (30)
 Liked extremely13 (57)
 Prefer not to answer1 (4)
If it was an option, would you be willing to continue recording your vulvar pain over an extended period of time?
 Yes23 (100)
 No0 (0)
For us to better understand your pain, would you be willing to record your pain level daily instead of weekly?
 Yes20 (87)
 No3 (13)
During the study, did you find it valuable to record these items? Endorsed responses listed.
 Pain15 (65)
 Pain management and/or treatment11 (48)
 Sexual intercourse12 (52)
 Mood10 (43)
 Pain anywhere else in your body7 (30)
 I did not find it valuable to record any of these items5 (22)
 Prefer not to answer1 (4)
What factors may reduce your ability to complete a survey within 24-hour prompt? Endorsed responses listed.
 Too busy8 (35)
 Problem(s) with phone11 (48)
 Family responsibilities1 (4)
 Lack of privacy3 (13)
 Boredom with tracking0 (0)
 Out of town or on vacation8 (35)
 Pain prohibits daily activities0 (0)
 Other, please specify2 (9)
 No factors would reduce my ability to complete on time7 (30)
Smartphone versus another method
Are you more likely to track your vulvar pain using your smartphone versus a computer?
 Much more likely15 (65)
 More likely5 (22)
 Neither more nor less likely2 (9)
 Less likely1 (4)
 Much less likely0 (0)
Are you more likely to track your pain using your smartphone versus a pen and paper or diary?
 Much more likely 18 (78)
 More likely4 (17)
 Neither more nor less likely0 (0)
 Less likely1 (4)
 Much less likely0 (0)

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