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Research Article

Helping Hands: A Cost-Effectiveness Study of a Humanitarian Hand Surgery Mission

Table 1

Mission costs.
(a) Team costs

Value (USD) in 2006Cumulative inflation rate (2006 to 2013)Inflation adjusted value (USD) in 2013% of total costs

Transportation and lodging$23,00015.90%$26,650.3462.2%
Donated supplies$14,00015.90%$16,226.0037.8%
Total cost$37,00015.90%$42,876.34

(b) Local personnel salary

Weekly salary (USD) in 2013NumberWeekly cost (USD)% of total costs

Local surgeon$3452$69045.3%
Surgical tech.$1852$37024.3%
Total cost$1,522

(c) Hospital costs

Weekly cost (USD) in 2013

Pre- and postoperative medications$448.84
Intraoperative medications$932
Total costs$1,380.84

(d) Overall mission cost

Cost (USD)% of total costs

Team costs$42,876.34 93.7%
Local personnel costs$1,522.00 3.3%
Hospital costs$1,380.84 3.0%
Total overall costs$45,779.18

(e) Cost-effectiveness metrics

If 2 × TC (i.e., doubled)If 5 × TC

Total cost (TC)$45,779.18$91,558.36$228,895.90
Cost per patient$572.24$1,144.48$2,861.20
Cost per DALY averted$437.80$875.32$2,188.30*
*Still below $3,890 (2 × PCGNI)

PCGNI: per capita gross national income.