Table 2: Indications for ADM implementation.

ADM Product BR with ADM () Oncologic indication Aesthetic indication
BR with no capsular BR with capsular Primary Secondary augmentation after capsular

BADMTutomesh/RTI Surgical1625324

Listing of kind of matrix used, name of product, number of breast reconstructions with certain ADMs, and indications for ADM usage (breast reconstruction (BR) with no capsular contracture, BR with capsular contracture, primary augmentation, secondary augmentation after capsular contracture). Oncologic patients made up 27% of the HADM group, 67% of the BADM group, and 44% of the BADM group; HADM: human ADM, PADM: porcine ADM, and BADM: bovine ADM; = no history of radiotherapy; = history of radiotherapy; = primary augmentation in cases with large breasts.