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Magnetic Separation News
Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 191-195

Magnetic Separation of Weakly Magnatic Copper Minerals

1Department of Physics, University of Zambia, P.O. Box 32379, Lusaka, Zambia
2Department of Applied Physics, Twente University of Technology, P.O.B. 217, Enschede 7500 AE, The Netherlands

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High Gradient Magnetic Separation of small (5-38 µm) weakly magnetic copper mineral particles from a copper concentrate and ore has been performed. In previous work coarser fractions of these minerals, bornite and chalcopyrite, were separated successfully. The recovery of the smaller particles in the magnetic fraction decreases but their grade increases compared to the results obtained on the larger particles. At a magnetic background field of 1.3 T the concentrate was upgraded from 72% bornite and chalcopyrite to 86% with a recovery of 82% and the ore from 16% magnetic minerals to 44% with a recovery of 72%.