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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 6, Issue 4, Pages 213-228

The Distribution of Magnetic Susceptibility in Crushed Ores

Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Al. Mickiewicza 30, Cracow 30–059, Poland

Received 17 March 1995; Revised 31 May 1995

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Particles of the crushed products form a dispersive system in which the continuous phase (waste rock) constitutes a matrix for inclusions of dispersed phases (metal–bearing minerals). In the process of crushing multicomponent ores, the inclusions of dispersed phases are bound in random to the consecutive particles of the crushed product. Value of of the magnetic susceptibility of particles depends on the number of inclusions of magnetic minerals. Starting from the assumption that the number of inclusions in the particles of narrow size fraction has the Poisson distribution, the author has derived an equation of the distribution function of the magnetic susceptibility of particles of narrow size fraction. The distribution function is expressed by the Pearson function. This paper presents a detailed form of this function for weakly and strongly magnetic ores. Parameters of the distribution function are connected to the values characterising a given sample.