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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 213-225

Research of Processes and Development of Separators for Metal Recovery From Metallurgical Slags

State Design Institute Gipromashugleobogashcheniye, 30 Pyaterkin St., Lugansk 348000, Ukraine

Received 26 January 1996; Revised 30 January 1996; Accepted 11 March 1996

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This article relates to the analysis of formation and the metal content of slag, generalised data from enterprises on yield and treatment of slags. Test results of the metal content determination in slag dumps, slag granulometric composition, its physical and chemical properties, as well as results of experimental investigation of metal recovery process from slags are presented. Dependences of metal recovery on slagging, granulometric composition and magnetic field parameters of separators were obtained. Electromagnetic separators were developed. Results of technological research carried out under industrial conditions of metal removal from slags, metal scrap cleaning from mineral component are examined in this article.