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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 139-159

Theoretical Assessment of Technological Potential of Magnetic and Electrical Separation

Moscow State Mining University, Prospekt Lenina 6, Moscow 117935, Russia

Received 22 January 1996; Revised 18 February 1997

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Magnetic, electrical an combined methods of mineral beneficiation are widely used in various branches of mining industry. These processes have significant economic and ecological advantages in those areas where they can be applied technologically. It is thus necessary to analyse technological possibilities and areas of potential applications. Different designs of the separators must also be considered. Such an attempt is being done in this article based on the assessment of the level of different types of electromagnetic forces and their role in the force regimes of mineral separation. Fundamental directions and limitations of increasing the efficiency of forces of the electromagnetic origin used for mineral separation. Equations for the calculation of these forces are also given. Contribution of the magnetic moment of the particles (magnetoadhesive forces) is also included.