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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 35-44

About the Equations of Motion of a Magnetic Particle in a Magnetic Separator

The National Mining Academy of the Ukraine, 19 Karl Marx Prospect, Dnepropetrovsk 320027, Ukraine

Received 7 August 1998; Revised 5 January 1999; Accepted 8 February 1999

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Equations of motion of magnetic particles in the flow medium near a cylindrical ferromagnetic collector have been developed. A vector equation, expressing the balance of the inertia force and the vector sum of three forces: the magnetic, the gravitational and the hydrodynamic drag force of a particle was taken as the initial equation. Reduced equations obtained from the initial one by rejection of terms corresponding to the inertia or the gravitational force were also considered. Examples of numerical evaluation in which the motion trajectories calculated with the use of the initial equation were compared with the reduced equations of motion are given.