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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 10, Issue 4, Pages 213-221

Comparison of Magnetic Separation and Flotation Results for Beneficiation of Emet Colemanite Ores

Istanbul University, Engineering Faculty, Mining Eng. Dept., Avcilar, Istanbul 34850, Turkey

Received 17 May 2000; Accepted 5 July 2000

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Colemanite (2CaO 3B2O3 5H2O) is one of the commercially preferable borates for many industries, such as agricultural, metallurgical, nuclear and production of fibreglass, borosilicate glasses, soaps, detergents, fire retardants, enamels and frits, used directly or after being transformed to boric acid (H3BO3). This paper aims mainly to investigate the practical floatability of colemanite from the Emet deposits of Turkey using a conventional collector and to compare the concentration results with dry magnetic separation tests applied at high intensity.