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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 11, Issue 3, Pages 169-188

Features of Motion of Paramagnetic Particles Near the Equilibrium Points of the Work Zone of A Magnetic Separator

National Mining University of the Ukraine, 19, Karl Marks prospect, Dnepropetrovsk 49027, Ukraine

Received 3 September 2001; Accepted 30 December 2001

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The oscillation of paramagnetic particles near the equilibrium point in the working gap of a magnetic separator with cylindrical elements was considered. Using the results of numeric calculation of a paramagnetic particle motion equation, the dependencies of particle oscillation amplitude on main parameters (diameter and density of particle, diameter of cylinder, carrying fluid velocity and viscosity, magnetic field strength and magnetic susceptibility of particle) were investigated. For a various combination of the parameters the relative time of particle motion was also calculated as a dependence upon the trajectory displacement compared to limiting trajectory.