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Magnetic and Electrical Separation
Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 239-249

The Barrier Magnetic Separator for the Treatment of Weakly Magnetic Ores: Laboratoryscale Investigations and Industrial Tests

1National Mining University of Ukraine, Karl Marks 19, Dnepropetrovsk 49000, Ukraine
2Volnogorsk State Mining and Metallurgical Plant (VSMMP), Vilnogirsk 322550, Ukraine
3Magnetic and Hydraulic Technologies Co., Dnepropetrovsk 49005, Ukraine

Received 2 May 2002; Revised 9 July 2002; Accepted 12 July 2002

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The principle of action of the barrier separator for beneficiation of coarse weakly magnetic ores is described. New data of laboratory-scale investigations of beneficiation of manganese ore and mineral sands are introduced. The results of tests in the Volnogorsk State Mining and Metallurgical Plant (VSMMP) show high technological effectiveness and reliability of the experimental separator.