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Physical Separation in Science and Engineering
Volume 13, Issue 3-4, Pages 89-99

Modelling Studies on a 100 mm Water-Injection Cyclone

1Regional Research Laboratory, Bhopal 462 026, India
2Department of Geology, Barkatullah University, Bhopal 462 026, India
3Advisor, Environment Planning & Co-ordination Organisation (EPCO), Bhopal 462 026, India

Received 18 May 2004; Revised 6 July 2004

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Test work on a 100 mm water-injection cyclone was carried out using a ground lead-zinc ore. Experiments were conducted varying the vortex finder diameter, spigot diameter, feed inlet pressure and injection water rate. The effect of variables on the performance of the water-injection cyclone in terms of slurry throughput and corrected cut-size are presented. A set of equations have been developed for predicting the performance of a water-injection cyclone. Further, the reduced efficiency curve was quantified to predict the size distribution of water-injection cyclone products.