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Volume 76, Issue 2, Pages 110-113

The Larva of Acanthognathus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

1Researeh Scientist, Whittell Forest, University of Nevada, USA
2Research Associate, Desert Research Institute, USA
3Laboratory of Desert Biology, Desert Research Institute, University of Nevada System, Reno 89507, Nevada, USA

Received 11 May 1969

This article is in the public domain.


In 1953 Brown divided the tribe Dacetini into four subtribes: Dacetiti, Orectognathi, Epopostrumiti and Strumigenitio. After studying the larvae of eight dacetine genera (Daceton, Orectognathus, Epopostruma, Mesostruma, Alistruma, Clarkistruma, Strumigenys and Smithistruma) representing all four subtribes, we concluded (1954) that the larval similarities and differences confirmed the grouping of the adults. But now, alas, our study of the larva of Acanthognathus forces us to revise our conclusion.