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Volume 98, Issue 1, Pages 81-85

Creaphididae, A New and the Oldest Aphid Family From the Triassic of Middle Asia

Paleontological Institute, Academy of Sciences, Profsoyuznaya 123, Moscow 117321, Russia

Received 12 June 1990

Copyright © 1991 Dmitri E. Shcherbakov and Piotr Wegierek.


The only aphid specimen recorded in pre-Jurassic strata is the holotype forewing of Triassoaphis cubitus, which has not been referred to any family (Evans 1956. Heie 1987). Recently, another specimen has been discovered among numerous Triassic Homoptera collected in the rich locality. Dzhailou-Tcho (South Fergana, Middle Asia), and deposited in the Paleontological Institute (Moscow). According to paleobotanical data, the locality is of Ladinian-Carnian age, i.e., roughly synchronous or somewhat older than Carnian Ipswich Group (Dobruskina 1982) that harboured Triassoaphis. The newly found aphid is very primitive and peculiar enough to merit new family status.