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Volume 102, Issue 1-2, Pages 19-25

Seed-Robbing between Ant Species Intervenes in the Myrmecochory of Euphorbia characias (Euphorbiaceae)

1C.R.E.A.F., Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 08193 Bellaterra, Spain
2Departament de Ciències Ambienlats, Universitat de Girona Plaça Hospital, 6., Girona 17001, Spain

Received 10 August 1994

Copyright © 1995 Xavier Espadaler et al.


A case of interference competition in which some ant species (Messor barbarus and Aphaenogaster senilis) rob seeds of Euphorbia characias from other ants (especially Tapinoma nigerrimum) is reported. Seed robbing is here regarded as a possible natural impediment to myrmecochory as it may interfere with the seedling recruitment process of the myrmecochorous plant.