Table 1: Number of days required for the large wax glands to replenish secretion by different nonfed stages of R. sanguineus (93% RH, 25°C) based on restimulation (leg pinching) following initial exhaustion of secretory reserves. L, larva; N, nymph; AM, adult male; AF adult female; dead tick, killed by freezing and then thawed to room temperature (shown); *, results from HCN-killed were similar. Data are mean  + SE and values followed by the same superscript letter within a column are not significantly different (ANOVA; ). ( replicates of 10 ticks for each time point with each replicate coming from a separate rearing batch of ticks).

% body mass lost after exhausting secretion

Stimulated once
Dead tick*0 000
Live tick a a a a

Restimulation (day)
2 c c c c
4 d d d d
6 e a e e
8 a a f f
10 a a a g
12 a a a a
14 a a a a

Body size
Initial mass (mg)