Table 6: Peaks of the different foraging activities of different species of stingless bees (Meliponini) that present or do not present reproductive diapause.

SpeciesReproductive diapauseGeneral foraging peakNectar foraging peakPollen foraging peakResin foraging peakDetritus removalReference

Tetragonisca angustula NoNoneEnd of morning/beginning of afternoon[27]
Melipona fasciata NoMiddle of the dayBeginning of morning/after 15:00[27]
Melipona beecheii NoMiddle of the dayBeginning of morning/after 15:00[27]
Melipona favosa NoMiddle of the day[27]
Melipona bicolor bicolor NoBegining of morningEnd of afternoonEnd of afternoon[28]
Melipona scutellaris NoNoneBeginning of morningNoneMorning[29]
Melipona marginata obscurior NoMiddle of the day[30]
Melipona asilvai NoMiddle of the day[31]
Meliponula ferruginea NoNoneMorning[32]
Meliponula nebulata NoNoneMorning[32]
Plebeia pugnax NoMiddle of the dayBeginning of morningNoneS:
W/A: 15:00–17:00
[5, 33]
Plebeia saiqui YesRP: 11:00-12:00
RD: 13:00-14:00
RP: beginning of morning
RD: none
[11, 12]
Plebeia remota   YesRP: noneRP: none;RP: beginning of morningNoneEnd of afternoonThis study
RD: around 12:00RD:
RD: no