Table 1: Bumble bee species observed foraging on bloom in commercial blueberry and red clover seed production fields in western Oregon.

Bumble bee species% of all Bombus foragers1
Blueberry bloom2Red clover bloom3

Bombus appositus 1.57 1.74
Bombus californicus 3.92 1.87
Bombus griseocollis15.69 0.68
Bombus melanopygus12.55 0.00
Bombus mixtus 8.23 0.31
Bombus nevadensis 5.49 3.17
Bombus vosnesenskii 452.5592.23

Based  1on visual observations made while walking in the field.
2 From [23].
3 From [16].
4 A small proportion (2-3%) of these were likely to have been B. caliginosus which is phenotypically very similar to B. vosnesenskii and cannot be accurately separated from it in the field.