Table 2: Species of pollen grains contained in cells for each developmental stage collected on 1 July. +: present; -: absent; LL: large larva; ML: medium larva; SL: small larva; E: egg. Sum of set 69 nests and sampled 10 nests for determination of developmental period, was shown in this table.

Stage (no. of pollen ball) Flowering sp.
Total no. of flowering sp.RrLjHrLmRpVcObPhTpTrCsMsEaSa

E (17)10++++++++----++
SL (12)8+++++----+++--
ML (52)8++++++-++-----
LL (93)6++++++--------

Rr: Rosa rugosa; Lj: Lathyrus japonicas; Hr: Hypochoeris radicata; Lm: Lonicera morrowii; Rp: Rosa parvifolius; Vc: Vicia cracca; Ob: Oenothera biennis; Ph: Picris hieracioides; Tp: Trifolimu pretense; Tr: Trifolium repens; Cs: Calystegia soldanella; Ms: Melilotus suaveolens; Sa: Silene armeria; Ea: Erigeron annuus.