Psyche: A Journal of Entomology / 2010 / Article / Tab 6

Research Article

Distribution and Ecological Niches of Gamasid Mites (Acari: Mesostigmata) on Small Mammals in Southwest China

Table 6

Niche overlapping groups of gamasid mites.

Niche overlapping groupsSpecies of gamasid mites (Code)Corresponding main hosts

Group 1L. guizhouensis (3), M. pahari
L. paucisetosa (9),
L. xingyiensis (12)

Group 2D. anourosorecis (8)A. squamipes

Group 3E. dremomydis (14)D. pernyi

Group 4L. liui (21)B. bowersi

Group 5L. algericus (10)M. caroli

Group 6L. turkestanicus (4),N. fulvescens
N. confucianus
L. traubi (5),
L. fukienensis (13)

Group 7L. echidninus (2),R. nitidus
R. tanezumi
R. norvegicus
P. pygmaeus (16),
L. nuttalli (1)

Group 8T. myonysognathus (24),R. tanezumi
L. muris (25),
H. lubrica (29),
O. bacoti (6)

Group 9H. oliviformis (17),A. chevrieri
E. miletus
H. pavlovskii (20),
H glasgowi (23)

Group 10H. sunci (11),A. chevrieri
A. singularis (30)

Group 11H. miles (28)R. tanezumi
M. caroli

Group 12L. chini (7),E. miletus
H. dorsalis (27)

Group 13E. shanghaiensis (15),A. chevrieri
L. jettmari (18)

Group 14L. jingdongensis (19),Genus Apodemus
E.substabularis (22)

Group 15E. huzhuensis (26)A. draco

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